MKS SBASE V.1.3 Marlin 2.09.01 #define LASER_FEATURE error

In the file pins_MKS_Sbase.h
I added the lines:

// Laser


Cannot compile. Mistake?:

failed: BLTOUCH and Servos are incompatible with SPINDLE_LASER_FREQUENCY on LPC176x boards.
Please help. What pins should be substituted for the compilation to succeed, and the LASER_POWER_INLINE function to work?

ps. the compilation for a 3d printer without laser function is fine and I get the firmware.bin file
Thank you in advance for your help!

Are you trying to use all 3, a BLTouch, a servo and a spindle/laser?
Seems that is what is enabled and sounds like it can’t support that.

My Z axis probe uses a servo and is a subscriber to PIN P4_28 on J8.

so it sounds like yes, you’re using a servo and BLtouch and want to also have spindle PWM control.
Sounds like the LPC chip doesn’t have a free hardware PWM pin once you try to use both the servo( which takes a PWM signal ) and laser control which is also PWM. I would search the Marlin groups for using software PWM for the servo since you won’t be firing the laser while you are probing the bed and probing is a slow task anyways.

When using a laser, I use a z-axis probe to focus the laser: (((
Changing the extruder tool to the laser should be painless - without changing the firmware.

just a guess but you are talking about using the extruder temperature control since that is PWM. A 3DP extruder motor is usually a stepper motor and not PWM.

I meant the 3d printing process and the laser burning process. For the laser it would be necessary to close the servo pin, change the firmware …

PWM pins 1.23 and 2.13 are slow but can’t compile with servo and laser.
// # define Z_PROBE_SERVO_NR 0 none
#define FIX_MOUNTED_PROBE allows 3D printing and laser burning on one compilation.