Mks robin nano v3.1 dm542

I did buy a mks robin nano v3.1 and external drivers 4 times dm542 i want to use everything together to make a cnc machine using marlin. I use 4 times nema 23 morors 2 times y 1 time x and 2 times z.

Can someone point me in right direction?
Greetz from holland

In my opinion…
The good thing is there are some good resources out there for designing your own CNC, the bad news is there are a lot of resources out there and some are BS. This is a good place to find makers that have a lot of experience using home built and home improved machines along with some great engineers. Depending on your level of ingenuity and tooling, along with your knowledge of electronics and circuitry. your wallet is your only limiter, and your amount of space to work in.
For a true CNC machine, you are better off converting a milling machine to NC controls. BUT if you are looking at building an NC router style machine GrabCAD has some templates that look promising, OR copy the design of some popular ‘CNC’ machines that are on the current market.