MKS DLC32 V2.1 with DM542T not working

I have a MKS-DLC32 with external driver DM542T.
I have a old CNC3040 and would replace the defective blue controlbox.
I use 24V for the DM542t and 12V for the MKS-DLC32.
None of the steppers are running. I here a running configuration available ? that i can set the parameters.
I use the original software over WIFI.

My old 3040-T CNC has a black controller box which has TB660x stepper drivers and the DB25 connector on the back can take a 5V Arduino running GRBL and works pretty good. The drivers are still found on eBay or they were when I looked a few years ago.

Do you have a picture of your 3040CNC and the controller box?

I would no more use this blue box, because i use Linux and would control my CNC with WIFI or USB.

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The core CNC looks like mine but the box doesn’t, mine’s probably older.
As for running Linux, that’s all I use too and for a while I used bCNC to drive the 3040CNC with the Arduino Nano(running GRBL), then put CNCjs on a Raspberry Pi connected to the Arduino/CNC over USB and CNCjs was over WiFi from the rPi.

I have not done it yet but my next goal is to use LinuxCNC/Raspberry Pi to Remora on a 32bit 3DP board( I have a bunch of them) with a driver board(3.3V → 5V) going directly to the DB25 pins on the 3040CNC controller box.

Are your plans for using Linux to a buffered firmware on the DLC32 or LinuxCNC with Remora on the DLC32?

My plan was using first the installed firmware of the MKS DLC32.
When this works, i plan to use BCNC for first try.
I have at the moment no plan, why the motors does not run and i need hints for troubleshooting.

Which is what firmware?

If I had one of those drivers I’d give it a try with one of the many 3DP controllers I have. Basically you’ll need to get the TTL / logic level signs for Step and Direction from the board(pins near the drivers) and might need to wire the Enable pins on the driver too. And obviously connecting your 24VDC to the stepper motor drivers and make sure you have a common ground between the DLC32 and the DM542 drivers.