Mini Gerbil for K40 Laser GREAT OPTION

I just wanted to write this to say that I am thankful for the Mini Gerbil board from! I couldn’t STAND the Nano board and the limitations of the stock setup! Now, with the Mini Gerbil board and LightBurn software, My k40 is a new beast! The install was a breeze with only 1 needed wire to add and everything else was Plug-N-Play. If you want a no frills option for your K40, I would HIGHLY suggest getting the Mini Gerbil control board from Awesome.Tech. For the price point, you can NOT go wrong!


Out of curiosity are you from the US? Just curious how long it took for shipping?

Do you still have to set the laser power directly pn the machine or can it be done on the software side?

It is controlled via software side after you jump the PWM over to the mini gerbil. I was a bit confused at first but was able to use the docs at to figurer it out for my machine eventually and it works great.


They have recently started warehousing the mini gerbil upgrade kit, called the ProPack in the US and it took 3 or 4 days to arrive in California after my order.


I now set the power level in lightburn.

The power pack is a compete set, I just bought the board.