Milling up a prototype of the wood case for my headphone amp project (see

Milling up a prototype of the wood case for my headphone amp project (see DIY Audio community) in some cheap pine 2x4 before I switch to oak. Test that G-Code!

What cine of tube are you using? Do you have schematic ?
Her you find my latest design

Wow, that amp is beautiful! We should probably move this discussion to the DIY Audio community, but… :wink:

My amp is a headphone amp, not a speaker amp. Much lower power. It’s good for both low impedance (high current) and high impedance (high voltage gain) headphones. It’s two amps in one circuit: a solid state op-amp driven DC coupled amp, and a class A 12AU7/IRF510 tube/FET hybrid amp. A switch selects which amp you are listening to. Listening to Beatles? Classical? Anything MASTERED on tubes? Select the tube. Listening to Dubstep? Metal? Pop? Anything MASTERED on solid state? Select the op-amps.

It’s a fun little amp. :slight_smile:

That’s a nice little machine you have there. What kind is it if you don’t mind me asking? Cheers Aaron

It’s a MaxNC 15. Open loop, crummy 12v motor controller, the table wobbles… It’s not very good, but it gets the job done for my purposes. I wouldn’t expect to match up any parts made with it, but for single part low precision piece like the case for a small PCB, it works nicely.

Do you have a bigger picture that show your machine?

I don’t, but I can fix that. :slight_smile: