Might have found something useful to the community,

(Devon Meyers) #1

Might have found something useful to the community, but not sure if it will work…

I need to control some 12v LED strips on an upcoming art car, and to save my sanity I am looking for a solid, simple way to control it with FastLED. This board appears to have a P9813 chip on it, with clock and data lines. I did a little digging and its unclear if this is the same chip used for WS2801 LED strips, if so it seems like this would work right out of the gate with FastLED :slight_smile:


(Daniel Garcia) #2

It’s the P9813 which is absolutely supported by fastled.

(Devon Meyers) #3

SCORE!!! This will make my life MUCH easier :slight_smile:

(Devon Meyers) #4

What would be the correct setting for this chip? Is it basically a WS2801?

(Daniel Garcia) #5

No, its a P9813 - there’s a clock line and a data line and for fastledthe config is:


(crispin soFat!) #6

NUM_LEDS is 1 for each board?

(Daniel Garcia) #7

Actually, you would chain boards – I worked on an installation that basically did this (except it used a dmx controller for each strip instead of something like this, but same end effect) - 30-ish strips of analog rgb leds, so it was basically a 30 pixel display, each strip along the ceiling/wall of a series of close arches in a hallway.

(crispin soFat!) #8

That’s what I’m trying to do! :smiley: I’m also interested in driving analog strips both with these boards and 30 channel DMX input to 10 rgb strip box that I already have. I was looking at using FastLED to drive the dmx.

I have chained two of these boards so that would be NUM_LEDS = 2 ?

(crispin soFat!) #9

Tested mine as a two board chain, works perfectly.
Thanks FastLED!!

(Mark Kriegsman) #10

Cool! And thanks for the field report!

(crispin soFat!) #11

small, very irritating, screw tabs.