Metal RepRap 3d printer

Metal RepRap 3d printer

It’s a 3d Printer made out of metal - not a metal 3d Printer ^^

Yes,it is 3d printer made with metal.

  1. Don’t insult your potential clients by calling their printers ‘toys’.
  2. It’s not a RepRap because it cannot produce it’s own parts.
  3. Good luck.

Ouch - didn’t saw that in the first place @Shachar_Weis , thx - marketing is ok, but don’t insult the RepRap Community

I do not insult the RepRap,otherwise I will not follow it’s rule to do it. I do not think RepRap is a toy,it allows us to change it. What I mean toy is not open source 3d printer,you can only use it, and can not change it.

ah that makes more sense

But the RepRap printers ARE open source, and you CAN change them. While your printer is NOT open-source, so I don’t really understand what you mean.

Maybe it’s a language barrier, i understood his sentence more as a rant in direction of the cube

And what advantages does it have? Except high price.

Why do you think my printer is not open source?

All made with RepRap parts,printrboard,marlin.

Can I download schematics to build your printer ?

Are the tolerances of the printer’s metal parts better than that of a standard reprap’s plastic parts, and, if so, does that translate to an improvement in the quality of the plastic parts that are printed by the machine?

Of course you can,no patent. Only have hand drawings,if you are interesting I can show you.

Metal parts are more precision and durable than plastics,it is for sure.

Excellent, so once you have those drawings made for every part, in CAD or SLT files, and published on your website - then you can call yourself OpenSource.

You still can’t call the printer a RepRap, though. It’s a RepStrap at best.

Good suggestion,thanks.