Met Dan Shapiro from Glowforce lasers.

Met Dan Shapiro from Glowforce lasers. We both make wallets :grin:

that the bay area maker faire? I wanted to go this year but had a graduation to attend :slight_smile:

@Domm434 it’s at San Mateo :grin:

Wish I could have made it :(.

@donkjr yes I always tell myself next year i have a stand. So finally I do😊

@Paul_de_Groot how about a picture of the stand.

I have a Glowforge Pre-Release unit from them. Works so much easier than the K40. But it’s nearly 10 times the price. For a reasonably capable tinkerer it’s not 10x better in functionality than the K40. Perfect for its market though. Kinda like a Honda motorcycle vs a do it yourself minibike. They’ll both do the job but they’re both for different markets :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jim_Hatch I agree a stock K40 is just a toy. I basically hacked the K40 and made it into an open source laser. Great for people with a small budget.

You can do an awful lot with a K40 if you’re willing & able to mod it. Some of the mods are easy and cheap and some get challenging and more expensive. But at a $350 entry price it can do an awful lot. To get into business with laser produced stuff, you’ll be needing the bigger more expensive mods. Even then you’re probably only 1/3 the cost of a K40. It’s a great entry level tool though.

@donkjr did not pick this up before. So here is a picture :blush: