Mechanical Section

howdy killers-

there is an electronics tab.
there is not an mechanical tab.
what’s the game here?
what are you trying to hide???

i got wheel hub questions.
deep, perplexing wheel hub issues.

there is no where to turn for help in this,
my hour of need.

wheel hub need.

please love me…

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Welcome to the forum Canvas.

Im sure if you ask the specific question, the moderators will move it to a relevant section.

If not, there are plenty of people in this section who will be happy to comment.

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Rapunki, when he joined the Seven.

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makes sense.

very good.

the aim is to drive a bicycle wheel off an axle.
20" or smaller.
forward and reverse.
this is for a pedal car rear axle.

best i can think to do is make a custom hub with a keyway and connect the spokes directly to that.

everything else seems to involve torquing down on the thin hubs that come with a bicycle wheel.

have any of you come across similar?

sorry mate.
you are poking fun at a star gate fan.
may as well be speaking greek. lol

nice welcome though…

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Driving off of an electric motor of some sort?

Are you wanting the wheel to be fixed to its axle?

Would a drive chain from the motor to a sprocket on the wheel work?

Mostly yes.

Two rear half axles.
Each driven by its own small motor.
Wheel is to be afixed at the end of the bit of axle sticking out. Cantilevered as it were.
Going to start with belt drives initially.

The entire layout and design is a testbed for future endevours.

The key is driving the wheel from the axle.
Forward and reverse.
Ideally without much fuss.

I think replacing the hub with something I can key to the shaft is the best bet.

I hope there is something simpler though. :slight_smile:

I had thoughts along the line of concrete anchors that use wedges to secure a bolt.
There are concentricity issues with that. Possibly…

Anywho, thanks for the suggestion!