McMaster and  Robotdig have arrived, this heatbed is huge :P Most parts are printed,

McMaster and Robotdig have arrived, this heatbed is huge :stuck_out_tongue:
Most parts are printed, the big Z-parts are all in the printer since 27h, biggest multi parts print I ever done. But it’s running fine

Misumi package is for tomorrow :wink:

Your knife is beautiful! Where did you get it? (If I may ask)

Can’t wait to see the build start to take shape. And don’t forget to ask questions along the way. We have lots of experienced builder here to leverage for advice.

@Michael_Memeteau Thanks ! I make them :wink: I did some forging (Honestly if you have the opportunity to try, do it) but mostly I buy scandinavian blades and craft the handle and sheat myself.
You can find some of my “creations” by scrolling this gallery (3 pages):


The link you provided doesn’t work… Sniff!

@Michael_Memeteau Sorry, corrected

About endstops: Do you drill them to use M3 screws ? Or use M2 or M2.5 ? (which don’t appear in BOM list)

I drilled mine. There’s enough meat there and I hate having non-standard hardware in the build if I can help it.

One more thing for today, how does the heated mat hold in place against the aluminium plate ? heat resistant glue, thermal past ?

If you got the one from the BOM it would have an adhesive pad. If not you can get 3M 468MP tape to hold it to the bottom. I found good prices on that tape at, and it is also available on Aliexpress (though likely not actually 3M brand, I think it should work just fine).

Those pictures bring back memories… Mine came with 3M 467MP Adhesive. I’ve also heard of people using high temperature silicone.

I ordered it by Robotdigg , it didn’t come with the tape. Thanks for the reference, it shouldn’t be a problem to find some.
Ultibot order arrived too.