Maybe beginning to figure out most of the aspects of Meshcam.

(George Allen) #1

Maybe beginning to figure out most of the aspects of Meshcam. You can buy the standard version for $250. I found this grayscale image online and have tried to cut the stl design. I’m still not comfortable with settings and tool change procedure but the software seems sound and not terribly complicated.

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(Paul Shaw) #3

Too much stick out on your tool.

(George Allen) #4

@Paul_Shaw yes. I also need to use a 1/16” bit for finishing. Definitely not as good as it could be. I don’t think I could blame the software for that. Results can’t compare the cut3D model I saw either here or another forum, but I think it’s my lack of technique. I also will have to adjust settings. But generally, I cannot complain with the results. I’m now a little torn between this and vectric. I like the fact I can design this on my Mac and send it to my machine.

(Paul Frederick) #5

There’s a free filter in LinuxCNC that does something that looks a lot like that. You load up a picture and it cuts it. I used it once to cut an image of my initials that I made. Just to see what it was like. I just did one pass with like a 50% step over so it came out kind of rough. I still thought it was neat though.

(George Allen) #6

Yes. Have you tried Meshcam?