Masks!  One is a Sub-zero/Scorpion/Reptile mask,

(ThantiK) #1

Masks! One is a Sub-zero/Scorpion/Reptile mask, the other is a Dragon Priest Mask from #skyrim . Lately the focus has been on cosplayers, because 3D printing would be a huge help in extracting art from games and exporting them to the real world.

The taller build volume (vs loaf-of-bread style) also helps out a lot here, because if you were to print them in anything other than a vertical orientation like this, they’d pretty easily snap if they were bent at the sides. Seriously…get a printer that you can at least fit a human head into. Wait, that didn’t sound weird did it?..

(djC653) #2

I can picture it now, people trying stick their heads in printers.

(Joe Spanier) #3

Scorpion mask is awesome. I’ve been wanting to play with something similar

(Thomas Sanladerer) #4

Needs a Handsome Jack mask!

(Mark “MARKSE” Emery) #5

Great post @ThantiK . I’m at the 3D Print show tomorrow and MCM Comic Con Sunday. It will be interesting to see how much 3D printed stuff there is, how it’s replacing cardboard and foam, 3D prints with low infill being great for good form without weight.

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #6

Hmm, I’ll have to find more of those skyrim masks. When I exported them from the game, they were primarily textures.

(Jeff Para) #7

Stls please??

(ThantiK) #8

@Ben_Van_Den_Broeck - The mask came in from 3DHubs, not sure if I can share it yet. They may have done some cleaning, or even possibly remodeled it from scratch.