Maker Stuff: trailer, flags, spare tires, tile, rocking chair and some fishing

What has been consuming my summer maker time lately … you might ask.

Time outs: Fishing has been great.
…what does this have to do with making?
Well, I got tired of chasing hair-size diameter lines in the wind and sun while getting dropper rigs ready to fish. It occurred to me that fly tying is done with desktop tools that hold things why not dropper rigs?
Enter the mobile river box. This is used on a table outside the RV when I am setting up to fish. It is highly adjustable. Cut the time to tie rigs in half!

Utility trailer: Last year I reduced my vehicles from 4 to 2 so I needed a way to haul stuff. This trailer folds up for storage. The trailer features removable stakes and modular flush mount tie-downs for my e-bikes.

Missouri Trip
Visited the grans in Missouri. While there we finished the basement bath. Not fun work but I did teach my 10-year-old grandson how to set tile!

Grandaughter rocking chair:

This chair can be broken down flat into 5 pieces for storage or shipment. It was made using router templates.
Damn wood is expensive!

RV Spare Tire Rack: Class C RV manufacturers do not provide a spare and nowhere is there a rack I could buy that mounts a spare rationally on the outside of the RV. I was not comfortable RV-ing without a spare.
Designed [Fusion 360] on cad this spare rack that mounts on the bumper. The reinforced bumper holds this rack & tire. Pulling 2 pins allows the rack to rotate, with the tire, to the ground. The tire is held on the rack with lug nuts as spares in case somehow the current ones get lost.

In this design the tire is not cantilevered like many other bumper mounted systems. The heavy tire rests on the bumper which reduces the twisting force most bumper mounts experience.

The rack can be easily removed by pulling it from the receiver which can then be used to mount other things, like bikes.

I hope to never use the add-on!

I built a prototype from wood to test the design and then cut and tack welded the metal assy. Finally took it to a welder to do the final welds. I do not yet trust my welds. Now it could use some paint.

My wife commented this fall: I have always wanted a flag pole! Realy? Well happy wife happy life!

We checked an item off her bucket list :slight_smile:

@HalfNormal I am sure that I set you up for some killer puns…


Fishing, trailers and rockers, oh my!

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When I lived in Georgia and would cut wood for our fireplace, I had a folding trailer that was just like that. It was work horse.

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