Major pull on the Redeem development branch! Daryl Bond has done some big work

Major pull on the Redeem development branch! @Daryl_Bond has done some big work on moving the delta calculations into C++. This has been merged into the development branch and needs testing before being accepted into the main branch. Feel free to test and comment, both for Cartesian, CoreXY and delta users! I’ll be in NY all week, so sadly I wont be able to join the merge party, but I’ll be there in spirit :slight_smile:

I second the “please test” request. Any comments are very welcome as well :slight_smile:

The update should also allow for shorter move buffer times, due to faster processing of move commands, so try setting “max_buffered_move_time” to a lower value. This should give a more responsive printer when you are trying to pause or cancel a print job.

Daryl, I’ll check it out as soon as I can get my local.cfg properly figured out :slight_smile: In the meantime, for those who want to try it out but haven’t yet figured out how to install redeem from source:

Thanks Jon, good luck with the .cfg!

Just a heads up that I may have already found a bug :frowning: I seem to be losing Z height on my delta as I print. For example I air print (no extrusion, bed out of the way) and after a layer or two I end up lower than I started! I’m trying to track it down but just a heads up that this is the ‘develop’ branch and so there is a chance that it isn’t working properly just yet.

Edit: Fingers crossed but I may have been jumping to conclusions. I think it was actually my ‘flying extruder’ pulling on my carriages too tightly and causing missed steps. So a hardware fault rather than software. Phew!

@Flo_Ri_Han ​ you’re right, I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll get onto it ASAP! Thanks for letting me know.