Made the funding goal in one day Extendable 3d Printer, nice Print Volume,

Made the funding goal in one day

Extendable 3d Printer, nice Print Volume, pretty acceptable first prints and a good price. Too bad i haven’t heard from the Founder in any networks, but i am not so arrogant to think i know everyone (yet)

What’s your opinion on this one?

Awesome price point, good use of injection molding. I like it - never heard about them before either.

Great price, everything else is identical to every RepRap on the market. Is this what kickstarting has become ? Rehashing existing products ?

These guys had a canceled KS previously for a printer with a huge shell. This design is MUCH more reasonable for them to create. I also like that they run a 3d printing business using commercial machines. I think that will give them a unique perspective. I wish them luck.

Ah, so the design is usable at various sizes. I thought it was an expanding printer at first.

It seems odd that you’d use ABS prints with significant warping as your quality demos… And that you’d use a partial print with such bad stringing to show a print in progress.

They also seem to prefer imperial units to the point where they list the wrong metric measurements (the cm conversion for print area on their large printer is a copy and paste from the small printer specs, not an actual conversion of the larger size listed).

I don’t know… It just gives me a slightly iffy feeling.

Hell, at that price I simply had to back it. I’m going with the assembled version. Even at that price, it’s less expensive than all the tweaks and upgrades I’ve put into my Printrbot Jr., not to mention all of the time involved.

@John_Schneider good luck with your investment. I hope you’ll actually get a printer at some point.

I’ve backed >40 projects, totaling in a couple of $1000 - and I always got the promised reward. Often later as originally planned, but people need to understand that Kickstarter is not a pre-ordering platform, but a fun way to invest in talent.

@John_Schneider , looking at the project I’m very sure you get a printer :wink:

I wonder what is the percentage of kickstarter project that get funded and fail to deliver (ever) or simply vanish.

I didn’t mean to imply that I thought backers wouldn’t get a printer. I’m sure they will. I just have to wonder if it’ll be all it’s presented as.

I’m sure it’ll be quite nice, but I’ve run across… Issues with imperial units in 3D printing, and their reliance on them in their spec sheet make me wonder if they’re not overlooking some important details.

@Shachar_Weis I’m sure there are a few, but there have been a number of them that fail in more interesting ways than others. By far the most interesting I’ve ever run across (but not backed, luckily) was Katalyka.

If you’re up for an hour or so of bizarreness, try reading through a couple of the forum threads about it on boardgame geek:

The short version is, the creator appears to be an untreated schizophrenic who is refusing treatment, and this has taken something of a toll on her ability to complete the game.

The part that makes the story enjoyable, for me at least, is that everyone has (for the most part) managed to avoid turning it into a hate-on-the-mentally-ill festival and has given up on ever seeing the game. Now they’re just sitting back and watching the bizarre reality of this thing unfold.

I’d definitely say it’s worth a read, just for the sheer weirdness of it all. Anyway, sorry for the threadjack, I have no doubt the creators of this project aren’t clinically insane and will in fact deliver a 3D printer as they promise.

Rigid is only good if alignment is precise, as many folks have found out in the past with over constrained designs.

Well, if it looks like the campaign is going pear shaped, I can withdraw my pledge until early May.

@Stephen_Baird thanks man, you ruined my evening. On page 3 of the thread

@Nils_Hitze It’s a bit like a car accident, isn’t it? You don’t want to stare, for fear of what you might see, but you can’t look away either.

Just wait until you get to the point where they discover her deviant art journal and the… interesting… ramblings there. It’s a rabbit hole you can fall down for days.

The minds of the severely mentally ill are very interesting things.