Made an air mattress plug this week.

(Alex Wiebe) #1

Made an air mattress plug this week.

Over a year ago we lost the plug to our air mattress. A couple weeks ago my wife says to me “why don’t you print a new one?” And so I have.

Took a few tries to get the thread right for the one way valve (24mm outer diameter, 30° pitch on the thread at 13 turns per inch). I then copied that thread model, reduced the diameter it for the inside thread and then reduced it some more for the plug.

Added a rubber flapper and some O-rings.

Inflated the mattress and now we wait and see if it holds air…

(Mr covert) #2

Model on thinkiverse ? I think people will want that

(Alex Wiebe) #3

@Mr_covert Here you go:

(Alex Wiebe) #4

Well it’s still holding air! I was concerned the layers would not be air tight. Looks like I’ve got a winner.

(Mr covert) #5

One slicer I looked at the other day had an option for water tight. Not sure what one it was but could be of value if you have issues

(Kenneth Ryckeley) #6

dip it in tool dip to give it a rubberized outer shell.