Machine Settings on LaserWeb 4 for Creality CP01

Greetings to all,

I’ve just bought Creality CP01 a few weeks back after doing some research and just now realized that this is not a plug and play machine that you can do what you want right out of the box. I’ve tried other software’s but had some compatibility issues and LaserWeb 4 seems to work fine but still on the learning stage.

The issue i am encountering is that whenever i uploaded an image to burn or cut in laserweb 4 and generate code directly from the software , the laser wont turn on unless you manually turned it on , but it works fine when you upload a gcode file which was generated from other software like inkscape.

Hope someone can help or explain the process…

Many thanks!

This could mean you have not setup all nessessary settings in LaserWeb.
What firmware + version does your CP01 have?
Did you load the matching default profile in LW4?

Thanks for the answer @cprezzi, total newbie here, not sure what the version of the machine really is. The CP 01 is not actually listed in the supported machine of LW4 so you have to create/add it manually and not even sure if the profile i set was correct.