Lulzbot is giving away 8 3D printers to hackerspaces around the globe.

Lulzbot is giving away 8 3D printers to hackerspaces around the globe. If you’re part of a hackerspace that needs access to a 3D printer, fill out the form!

“LulzBot staff will review all entries, and choose the 8 hacker spaces with the most creative idea on how they will use their shiny new LulzBot 3D printer.” so make sure you have those brains ready.

CC: @LulzBot

Reshare if you know people who aren’t in the community (or even G+ for that matter) that may benefit from this opportunity.

That’s awesome, well done Lulzbot

Cool idea.

Wish we had a hackerspace nearby. :frowning: We have one that costs 100$ a month (I think that’s pricey) and is mostly geared towards entrepreneurs instead of basement dwellers.

In CA, $100/mo isn’t all that bad depending on the size of the space. @FamiLAB is a 4000sq ft space, our members pay $50/mo, but I think we’re barely making bills as-is, and we’re in an area where that’s quite a bit of money to be paying monthly. Median household income here is only $35,000/yr. Median household income for California is $61,000/yr.

@Stephanie_A Are you talking about the hacker dojo? Have you been to their space if so? I’m thinking about checking them out.

In the bay area, sure. But this is sacramento. We live in sacramento because we’re cheap and poor.
Housing is expensive (so i’m sure the hackerspace rent is too) but I don’t need a 10,000sq foot monstrosity where you can rent offices out of.

@Mike_DiMare No it’s

Ohh ok, Hacker Dojo in the bay area is $100/mo as well.

I wish some public institutions (schools, universities, libraries, etc) could donate some space for a cheep hackerspace. Most spaces are great educational opportunities. It could be set up with a progressive membership fee, based on age, income, hours spent volunteering for outreach, etc.

This is a great opportunity for libraries.

We’re actually doing this here in Orlando, FL; the Orange Co Public Library got a huge grant, and we’re assisting them.