Low Power Dust Extraction

I use a dust extractor in my workshop, but it is 1kW and rather over the top for dust extraction on a small cnc. Has anyone bought or built a lower power unit? even better if it was quieter? I was wondering what could be done with 100W?

I just use a small shopvac. I would guess 600 W is still to noisy but I live with it.

I have a 4" inline fan used for grow op ventilation with a cyclone dust separator on a 5 gallon bucket between it and the dust boot. Everything gets dropped into the bucket, and very little noise. The shop vac thing was too frickin loud for me.


You could try a shopvac with a speed controller. Since those cheap shopvacs use brushed AC motors, you can use one of those inexpensive triac-based SCRs/dimmers/speed-controllers from Amazon/Ebay.

Some people put their shopvac in a box (see: YouTube etc). That works, but you have to take into account how the motor is cooled. If it’s a dry vacuum, all the air it pulls is pushed through and around the motor. If it’s a dry/wet one, there is a separate fan for cooling the motor with ambient air. Either way, tape a temperature sensor to it and see how it goes.

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