LOVE FastLED... I'm using it on my Nanoleaf clone design..

(Steve Wagg) #1

LOVE FastLED… I’m using it on my Nanoleaf clone design… It’s fully opensource to if anyone wants to lend a hand… :slight_smile:

(Steve Wagg) #2

Oh… I’ve started a forum but the code is also on GitHub. Forums at Thanks Steve

(Marc Miller) #3

Thank you for sharing your project. The slowly decreasing size of the triangles gives an interesting design.
What sort of challenges have you run into along the way?

(M K) #4

This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

(Steve Wagg) #5

Hi, no probs… let me know if you need anything. Oh, and the triangles are all the same size Marc :slight_smile: its just the angle of the photo.

(Marc Miller) #6

Haha wow, I totally visualized that incorrectly!

(Will Tatam) #7

Very nice. Love how “polished” the design is to even feature the cable management