Looking to upgrade my k40 to a bigger machine I have about 1000usd saved

Looking to upgrade my k40 to a bigger machine I have about 1000usd saved at the moment any suggestions all I can find is the k50 on eBay but it’s about 1300

Look at a x700 clone… Depending on the time of year it’s 1900-2300$ but it should have the size to last you awhile

If you have proven track record with sales and a down payment a credit union would finance the rest at a reasonable rate… My Ox cnc kit cost me about 30$ a week for 9 months and I financed about 1000 of it and paid for the rest

A few days ago I saw this 50W and 600x400mm work area, but I have no references.http://www.east-signs.com/products/advertising-equipment/laser-engraver-cutter/1152.html

Do you want more power or just a larger working area? You might be able to use components off the K40 and just buy a bigger gantry for cheap. But it might still be hard to beat the cost/value of what Fernando just posted.

@Fernando_Bueno it seems like a great deal until they want to charge you 2k for shipping

Ummm … I already told you that I had no references to the machine or the store. I simply saw the web looking for spare parts and found them interesting prices, but those shipping costs seem too much.

@Fernando_Bueno I know it just made me laugh when I went to check out is all

@TwelveFoot I would like both to be honest as good as my k40 has been to me I would love to have something bigger and deeper. Plus my local high school I a chomping at the bits for me to upgrade as I said they could have my k40 once all is said and done