Looking for Name tag blanks

Does anyone know where to source name tag blanks like the ones at this link Blank Pocket Name Tags | Slip-On Pocket Name Badges

These are $4/badge, was hoping someone might have a better source. Thanks in advance.

DEZHI Name Badge Wholesaler Brooch/Magnets Metal Name Plate Badge Fastener Brooch Holder Card Name Tag 70*23mm|Badge Holder & Accessories| - AliExpress getting closer and closer

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Its crazy right! I mean they have to be out there somewhere. I see so many for sale around on the internet, I am half way tempted to reach out to them and ask where they source their name tags from. lol

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I am surprised you did not reach out to them for like 2 or 3k of the pieces for like 1-3$ each. The other hand, Toyota realized that you do not need extra bulk stock and does not work out. more often than nor “Lean manafatruting” “Just-in-Time” concept, in which each process produces only what is needed for the next process in a continuous flow “ref Toyota Production System | Vision & Philosophy | Company | Toyota Motor Corporation Official Global Website”. As in, buy 10000 pieces sure you will get them cheaper but a number of things can happen any time. Loss sick change mind fired fire, war etc like when I bulk from costco I end up throwing more out

How many do you use per year so i can talk to my manufacturing friend.

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The clear versions seem to be the cheapest at under $2/ea

The dual layer/multi-colored ones are as you found over $4/ea.

I would look to see how cheaply you can source the multi-colored material stock and how many badges you could cut from it then work back to the price per unit without including the bending process. That might explain why single unit prices are what they are. ie material costs could be why the multi-color units are expensive.


I was searching for small multicolor materials to make labels for my RV.
I planned to cut them on my saw after engraving.

This is the best I found:

The base price was not to bad but the shipping is $13.50 brings it close to $50 which is to expensive.
Strangely I could find the engraving version of this material as prime but not the Laser version.

I am going to try cheaper material and fill characters with white paint.


More then less just getting started, just trying to find a supplier for when I need to order some.

Thanks man, Ill take a look at it and see if it is useable for what I am doing. It just really surprises me that I (We) can not find a supplier. Either these other people are making their own (highly doubtful) or they have the suppliers hidden on the deep dark! lol