Look what Mark put together.  Cool little scanner.

Look what Mark put together.
Cool little scanner.

Originally shared by Mark Miller

Home made 3D mechanical scanner
This is my second homebuilt scanner, and is much faster and easier to use than my first. I wanted this to use in conjunction with my home made CNC machines(see my profile page for more info on them), this one specifically for the mini lathe to scan a profile of a part directly into the machine for part production.
This is made from bare minimum scratch. The sensor array the line laser shoots into, is made up of small rectangular individual sensors 1/16 inch wide each arranged in a row so each turn of the leadscrew “snaps” a picture from the sensor array and sends it into memory. Very challenging to get them all perfectly lined up, but they are so very inexpensive(less than 5$) that it made it worthwhile. The resolution is good enough for what I am doing.The line laser is from ebay.
A pic controller runs the stepper and logic. Output is 8 bits wide.
As you can see in the video, it’s pretty fast and simple to use.
The rotary table will be used later for full aspect (non-concentric)scanning. Right now I am happy to get some lather profiles done really fast and simple.
The machine is made from acrylic bits and pieces.
I am going to clean up this design a bit, and get it into a nice cabinet as it is something I will be using often.


Good Job

Nice work and great idea behind. Could we order one from you for our school ? Do you like to soll them in the future.

building one would make a great school project along with a printer.

I’m having trouble understanding the design. From the video it appears that your laser line is horizontal and coming from the left. I’m assuming the sensors are in the horizontal bar on the opposite side?

As I said above this is @Mark_Miller 's project. You will have to ask him.

@Eric_Davies Exactly-that’s what I am doing.

Sorry, I just found this reshare to respond. First, I created this specifically for running my small home built CNC machines and have no idea if the resolution output is good enough for 3D printing as-is. My systems are more firmware based and this sends cutting data (control code)directly to the machines I make without software intervention. I am in the process now of making the output import to some importable file for software based programs… I would be happy to share details for anyone who may want to play with this. You can contact me through my profile page. I do not have a 3D printer myself(sad…)nor do I know anything much about creating STL files(but wish I did). I have a bunch of stuff I would like made…But alas…no joy.