Look what came in the mail today.....my x-mas present to myself.

Look what came in the mail today…my x-mas present to myself. Thanks @Garrett_Mace for an awesome Kickstarter campaign!

i haven’t gotten to play with mine too much. i’ve assemble it though.

Nice shades, Jon! Have you programmed any new effects? I’m hoping Garrett likes the two effects I submitted to his GitHub page today.

@Garrett_Durland I plan on trying to make the glasses wireless with some NRF24L01’s. I do have some ideas for diffusion on the LEDs while maintaining visibility thru the glasses, man these suckers are bright.

Here is a snippet of the backers file. Looks like we all got the itch at the same time. LOL

71 Mark Kriegsman
72 Hien Pham
73 Jan Ainali
74 Gottfried Mayer
75 Jon Burroughs

84 Garrett Durland

I missed this one :-/

Sadly, I think I didn’t sign up to be an Early Bird, so I’ll just have to code from a distance for now!
They look wicked fun!

Jealous! Can’t wait for my set. But I’m gonna have to, sadly.