Libusb/usblib driver not installed

hi there whisperer keeps giving me error libusb/usblib driver not installed any ideas? running win7

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If you get that message it definitely means the driver is not installed. Make sure the laser is on and plugged into the computer when you install the driver.

You might want to try removing the driver then reinstalling it.

Driver removal:

You could also try the old driver install procedure using Zadig.


There must be something else then because im doing exactly what youre recommending…

no matter what i do i keep getting that same horrid msg

Can you provide a picture of your controller board?

its the nano2

sorry not the best quality…

@pixelsaint If the driver is installed properly and K40 Whisperer still does not work I don’t have a good solution for you.

You could try a different computer to see if you could get it working.

You could also try getting the default driver installed then make sure Laser Draw works.

Some times installing the libusb driver works better when the default driver is installed.


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Hello Scorch- I would like to try this. ( I had laserdrv installed and it seemed to work ok but i changed to inkscape/whisperer because i need to be able to draw arrays on autocad and then cut them out. I thought that inkscape would answer the problem because it can load .dxf files)
I havent been able to get whisperer to run because of the libusb error
your reply is being eagerly and gratefully awaited
regards fred

Yesterday and after a Windows update, my PC does not detect the laser machine anymore.

I had uninstalled the Inkscape and the K40 and installed the last version. However the problem remains.

I had tried different computers and nothing.

could you please help me