LaserWeb software for a large format cutter/plotter

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new in this forum and all the topics related CNC/laser cutting.
I have an idea to transform the EleksMaker A3 laser cutter to a large format ~1500x6000mm pen plotter/laser cutter. I will be cutting/marking fabrics
Please tell me is this software Laserweb will handle the job of large format? I had a quick look on it, and seems to be quite flexible. It’s possible to change the grid and machine widths and lengths settings. But I do not know if there are other possible problems to take into account.
Does anyone had done this before? Maybe cheap EleksMaker is not the best option as a platform for this project.

Thank you for your help!

I am operating a laser engraver with 1000x1000mm size with LaserWeb4 and a Arduino Uno with CNC Shield, which works fine. The EleksMaker firmware is basically Grbl (and can also be replaced with standard Grbl firmware). The arduino memory is not a problem, because the gcode commands are sent line by line (only as many as there is space in the arduino).

Depending on the size and complexity of your drawing, there might be a problem with the frontend speed/stability when generating the gcode, because the fronend is basically a website running in a browser which has memory limitations.

I would suggest that you just try it.

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Hi Claudio,

thank you for your reply. Well the drawings are very simple, only vector lines but big scale 1x5m. I’m attaching one example.

Ok, that shouldn’t make any problems.