LaserWeb is the best sw for Mac but I have some problems with Bachin Maker Laser

(Gabriele Rubbi) #1

Hi everybody!
LaserWeb is the best sw for Mac I dowloaded to manage my brand new Bachin Maker laser cut.

But it doesn’t work:(

and this drives me crazy!

Better explained: some commands works (like, works starts but lasers doesn’t turn on), live jogging doesn’t respond. I’m frustrated because I really would like to use it, instead of horrible Candle or Engrave Masters.

Can you help me please? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

(Joseph Alexander) #2

make sure you have the proper code in the settings section for laser on and off(usually M3 or M4 on, M5 off). Also live jogging doesnt work until you home the laser, then enable it, then ctrl-click somewhere in the work area. also check that your workspace is set to the right dimensions.

(Gabriele Rubbi) #3

Solved! The version of GRBL on my board was a custom one, it looks like it’s a default setting for Chinese machine. If you detect the 1.1z version just update to 1.1f, the official last release.
Thank you all!
I have another problem, but I’ll open a new thread, thank you!