Laser power supplymalfunction

Hi, I am new I purchased a cohesion laser board for my engraver and just finished troubleshooting. I am told that my remaining problem is power supply related. While the laser power is jumped the button on the suppl no longer works . The board is functioning but the laser will only fire if the test button is pushed on the lpsu. I have a 60watt chinese machine.

We need:

Pictures of:
… the connector side of your power supply
… your control panel
… our control board showing the cabling
How is your controller connected to the LPS?

What does it mean:“laser power supply is jumped”?
What “button” are you referring to?

Here are some photos

Also I was referring to the test button on the power supply.

We have gone through trouble shooting with Cohension and have determined it is not the board, but the power supply itself.

Below are the 2 threads that we had with them regarding the issue we had.

Any help is much appreciated as this has become a large paperweight now :frowning:

To help I need to know how each of the wires on the LPS [left connector] is connected to the C3D.

You can also check the supply by doing the following:

  1. Remove all the wires from the Left-hand connector of the supply.

  2. Wire like this:

  • IN connected to 5V
  • WP connected to G
  • Connect a wire to TL with the other end stripped back…
  1. Temporarily connect the stripped end of TL’s wire to G …DANGER: THE LASER MAY FIRE

  2. What should happen

  • The laser should fire when TL is connected to G
  • The TL led should blink
  • The WP LED should be on.

BTW it’s hard to see the labels on the left connector so a better picture of that will help.
Also the model # for the supply??

When connecting the a wire to TL to G, a the Green(solid) TL LED comes on, but the WP led does not.
The TL and WP were loose and seem to be flattened, should we resolder those connections?

Model # on the laser power supply : hy-t60-110v /202004107918

Please answer all the questions above.


Did you also connect the WP connection to G?

It’s normal for that kind of pin connections to be flattened when they are tightened.

Yes, we did try the WP to G.

All wires from the LPS are connected through one strand of cord.
The forum will not let me upload a video showing the cord.- says new users cannot upload attachments.

I am RVing across the country and have bad connections so its hard for me to dig into this.

With IN connected to 5V
If you connect WP to ground the WP light should light
While WP is connected to ground and IN connected to 5V connect TL to ground and the laser should fire.

If not something is wrong with the LPS.
If it does fire then the supply is good and you have a problem elsewhere.

If WP is not a ground (I assume the light lit means it is grounded) the laser will not fire.

I will dig into the more when I return (sat)