Laser etching a T-shirt

Anyone have luck etching a tshirt? I tried it with a army green tshirt and the etch looked fantastic. Unfortunately it the design fell apart when I took the shirt out of the bed. Obviously my setting were a bit high. Curious to those of you that have had success what type of setting you’ve used? My attempt was with Easter engraving, 200mm/s speed and about 10 percent power.

Do you think fast vector engraving would work better than raster?

I’ve yet to see anyone successfully engrave thin fabric material like a tee shirt. Usually thicker material like jeans works better. You can try going faster. Not sure vector engraving will be much of a difference over rastering.

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Tough problem.
Things that come to mind to try control the burn but still etch.

  • A stencil material over the top
  • Wet the material

Have you tried de-focusing the laser?