Laser Diode Air Assist pump

As I slowly get my new laser diode machine [MoBeam] up and running I am thinking about air assist.
I have a pump from my K40 but like everything K40, it is large [and [opwerful].
I noticed that these pumps are being sold with laser diode machines.
These pumps run in the range of 16-30 L/min whereas my K40 pump runs at 82 L/min

Has anyone here used these smaller pumps for diode machines??

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I use a pump sold as an outdoor/large aquarium airpump:

It is a piston based AC pump made by Hailea; hailea ACO - Google Search

They have quite a few models in this range, mine is an ACO 208, relatively inexpensive and works well for my application. It has a length of Silicone tubing and my home-made nozzle:

I’ve mentioned this before but it is worth repeating; Online homebrewing supply shops sell silicone tubing in various sizes and short lengths!

The pump is 230v AC, and controlled via an opto-isolated relay module. The piston delivers air in pulses, the tube and nozzle only partly smooth the air and it ‘pulses’ at the nozzle tip in it’s current form. Designing and building a small accumulator / smoother is on my ‘todo’ list.

It also vibrates like mad; directly attaching it to my case was a bad idea! It now sits on a thick wad of (aquarium filter) foam and is much quieter. The air intake accounts for most of the noise now and I regularly intend to add a muffler there too.

There is a foam filter and ‘silencer’ inside the black intake housing. The main pump is a clean and simple design, uses gaskets and standard bolts. Really easy to dismantle/maintain. I took mine apart and added a drop more oil to the piston on general principles.

Nozzle is here: STL file 40x40 laser module air assist 🔧・3D printer design to download・Cults.
Disclaimer: I ask a euro for the ‘embossed’ version, but there is a link to a free version too.

I had the same problem when I purchased the following piston pump for my K40 laser, the vibration the noise level and the pulsing.

To some degree, I addressed the issues by using a pwm controller but in the end I gave up.
I purchased the following pump which is quiet, has no vibration and comes with a pwm controller. Sorted


I use a similar pump to the 1st reply. Originally hooked up to my k40, but now on my sculpfun s9. I don’t mind the vibration because it sits on the floor. The hiss from the air pressure is something I put up with when Inwas using industrial CO2 machines, so its not a major issue to me. But I’d have to justify the cost of one of the quieter pumps because I’m getting more bang for my buck with what I already have. What I did do was buy the air assist hardware and connect the tube from the pump to the tube that came with the hardware. Pretty much a 1, 2, go sort of experience and I’ve been up and running ever since.

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