Laser arc-ing?

My laser engravings have gaps in them. It happens mostly with images but also sometimes with any raster job. I am suspecting the laser tube because it looks like the laser light in the tube is arc-ing towards a metal sleeve inside the tube before it gets to the first mirror. Image below. Any ideas ?

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The light you see it not laser light but rather electrically excited plasma. The “arching” you are seeing is normal.
Can you provide an image of the gaps that are occurring during engraving?

  1. Are the gaps repeatable, that is, if you run the job multiple times do they repeat?
  2. Is there any hissing or arching sounds. [you can run the job turn out the lights, open the laser and power supply doors and look for arcs. For safety do not open the engraving area’s cover… there won’t be arching there anyway]
  3. Does the laser current meter spike when the engraving gap occurs (might be hard to detect)

Hi Ned,
an image attached. The engraving on the left on leather, the one on the right on wood.

Hi Don. See the image file I replied to Ned. I’m going to follow in this thread with some more image files of engravings produced by the machine and the original file that was embedded in the svg file. If possible I will post the original svg as well.

The original image that produced the above was this one from wikicommons


this is the svg that produced the engravings from above

ok that didnt work… here is the original picture that was embedded into the svg

@Gary did you see my questions.
This is hard to troubleshoot by just looking at the engraving.
We need to get to a simple line image to see if there is a machine problem.