Larger engraving area 500 mm by 700 mm

I am looking to upgrade from my k40 to a large engraving area 500 mm by 700 mm.
My k40 is about to die I need to buy one this week any suggestions

Seem to remember at least a couple of people doing this over the last few years. Ariel Yahni over on the G+ site did this 2-3 years ago and detailed on the openbuilds site. However I don’t think he ended up being especially satisfied with his build approach in the end.

The Layzor project was another one. That was a complete rebuild build using parts from a K40.

Kostas Filosofou on G+ was another one who did the expansion.

Search through openbuilds and I’m sure you will find some more.

Not to 50x70 cm but a little trick without rebuilding completely the machine,
It’s double A4 or fake A3 or able to process at the tip of longer board.

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I have increased 420mm x 650mm with great success, all in the same foot print of the original box, see below for videos

At some point I’ll do a final video on the end result, with which I am well pleased.


Duncan what was the overall cost of the upgrade that you made?

It was about £150, but don’t forget, I utilised the existing electronics, controls and mechanics, all I really changed was the frame and the linear guides.