Large part printing with the aid of pva glue to stop corner curling (

Large part printing with the aid of pva glue to stop corner curling ( 16070100)

Oh god it’s so pretty in pink. (Seriously)

For what I am using it for Anthony colour doesn’t matter, it’s all they had in 2.3kg rolls and it’s cheap lol

Do I spy a reprappro Mendel?

Can you explain the process?

what is pva glue, I think I want to try some :slight_smile:

use brim! but sounds like pva is working for you. looks like a really nice print too.

Brim? @Jonathan_se5a_Sorens

@Jason_Gullickson think like the brim of a hat. It lays down a wider layer on the bottom layer of the print, in order to hold the corners down, etc. It’s kind of like the skirt…but with 0 gap between it and the piece you’re printing.

Also, white elmers glue = PVA. Some people mix it with some water to form a very thin mixture, and spread that on the plate.

Ah I’ve seen that but hadn’t heard the term; is that something the slicer can add or do you just modify the model usually?

Slic3r can add it. Skeinforge you can cheat by adding a 0-offset skirt.

Nice, didn’t think pva glue can be used like this but guess its another technique to test out! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Can’t argue with a beautiful print, even if it’s pepto bismol pink.

what machine is that


RepRapPro Mendel… Great Little machine

If you are using ABS you can try with acetone with little ABS dissolved. It works very nice. If you are using PLA try with hair spray. Drop both of them when heated platform is still cold (up to 60 degrees). When it will go cold again you will be able to take them without any effort.

I use pva wood glue diluted about 1:20. Get it wrong and the parts don’t come off without shelling the glass