Laptop keyboard replacement cable AWM 20798


I am trying to fix an ACER Laptop. It seems it wont start as the small ribon cable linking the on switch on the keyboard assembly to the main board is broken. The cable has marking AWM 20798 80C 60V VW-1 HF as shown. I have found from googeling that AWM stands for APPLIANCE WIRING MATERIAL and the spec is apparently here (UL iQ™ for Appliance Wiring Materials). However googeling this leads to many results for a similiar cable AWM 20624 (UL iQ™ for Appliance Wiring Materials). Results also vary in the width. The specs seem very similiar but there are subtle differences above my head. Can anyone advise. Can I substitute one for the other. In a portable I cannot imagine the difference being significant, but these things are subtle. Also the width seem to vary with results. In this case the with seems to be about 6 strands

But it is not clear if you buy a role of this and cut off what you need or you buy a specific cable. Can anyone point me in the right direction. This one for example ( seems very similiar and has the correct number of strands, but better to ask than be sorry.

best wishes.

EDIT: well found some, i.e.

But now do I need a type A or B?

Thanks again

Type A has the electrical contacts on the same side of the ribbon on both ends. Type B has the contacts on the top side at one end and the bottom side on the other end. You should be able to tell by looking at the cable in your laptop.


Ok, thanks that has cleared up the A/B issues. Is there any comment on using say a 20624 instead of a 20798? The ones found seem generic.