Kisslicer + bridges. Anyone have advice?

Kisslicer + bridges. Anyone have advice? I have no issues doing this bridge in slic3r.

@Patrick_Ryan you want to try this bridge torture test?

Print the model laying on it’s side or upside down.

It’s a bridge test model. It has to be printed that way.

Ok. I got the idea. :slight_smile:

Gotta ask the obvious: speed and temperature set the same in both slicers?

Can you add temporary support trusses which you remove once printing is complete?

@Peter_Zsiros Again: this is a test of bridging capability. Bridging without support is the point of the test.

Can u post a pic of a successful bridge test in slic3r?

If you have a cooling fan, is it running in slic3r but not kisslicer?

Kiss slicer has no bridging logic, so it’s not going to produce good results in that test.

This is a known limitation of KISSlicer. It’s at the top of the wishlist that is supposedly being worked on. You can sort of cheat bridges by having a higher perimeter count so that the perimeters would essentially run as bridges in the direction of bridging direction, instead of filling in as a standard solid infill. But if I were to print something like this for keeps, I’d use KS Pro and its multi-extruder support capability to get the print done.

@Joseph_Chiu Thanks for that definitive answer. Looks like slic3r will be needed if large bridges are used.

@kenneth_rooks I will post pics of the exact same model printing with Slic3r and tag you on them. It prints %100 successfully, despite the dizzying length.

Thanks @Nathan_Ryan

You should add SUPPORT to be able to print this model.

It’s known limit of kisslicer. After model is sliced I change extruding speed and flow rate for bridge layers to my bridge settings. I use special script for it.
My bridge test shows that I can’t print bridge faster than 10mm/s

For what it is worth, I fail the same test miserably while using Cura, but can do it just fine on Slic3r.

@Eduard_Bespalov thanks for sharing that!

Any chance you’ll share the script?

@NathanielStenzel good to know about that short coming of Cura. Haven’t really used it much, myself.

It’s available here -
Script (+setar.ini) - to calibrate printer, - for g-code post processing. But the documentation needs to be improved. script is better described here:

This problem was reported 5 years ago. pjr still hasn’t fixed it yet. I like so much about KISSlicer, but I may have to hold my nose and use Cura for anything that needs bridging support.