K40 Whisperer cut lines issue

Hello, I am new to the forums and was hoping i could get a bit of advice.
I have a k40 and use whisperer and also inkscape to design the files.
I have a problem that in inkscape i can delete a cut line on a file and save it,When i reload its not there (all good) but when i load the file into whisperer the cut line has reappeared and it doesn’t matter what i try in inkscape it always comes back in whisperer, i thought maybe it was a visual error but no as when i cut the laser then cuts the lines that are not there in inkscape.
I am sorry if i have posted this in the wrong topic.
I hope somebody can help as its driving me crazy, i have checked the fill and stroke settings and also the object settings and layer settings but the lines are not there but only appear when it loads into whisperer, if i do a colour replace to black they are not there in whisperer, but if the lines are red or blue they come back.

Welcome to the forum Venny!

Can you upload the file? I will take a look at it :+1:

I have attached the file, the problem is with the word “Cesar” for some reason k40 whisperer wants to put a cut line through the name, there was a line originally but in inkscpae i erased it and it doesnt show in inkscape, it only shows when i load into k40 whisperer, thank you for having a look.
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While you’re there … could you also post the picture you edited ?

Hello, here is the original file.
Thanks for your help, i have spent nearly 5 hours trying to work out what is going on. haha.

OK - and what do you want it to do ? Cut around the “Cesar” with an offset ?

As you probably know, the red objects are for cutting, and it is currently just going behind the name. If I just remove the line, you wont have a complete cut on the internal feature.

Yeah what i did was create an offset around the edge of the name so the internal would cut ok, and in inkscape it all looked correct but when i load it into whisperer it loads a cut line through the middle of the name as well as the offset cut line.

Also on the original i colour changed the black for red and the red for black as the original file was made in coral draw i think.

Ok. I was hoping it was a quick fix.

Not going to be able to finish it until tomorrow unfortunately.

Someone else may jump on it in the meantime :+1:

Ok thank you, i have been trying it for hours so i thank you for the time.