K40 / Whisp Error opening svg file

has anyone every got the following error ?

255 red it is. yet doesnt want to open ? when i had to reformat my pc, my files auto re downloaded from cloud, and some open fine, others cant open open like this.


If you upgrade to a version of Inkscape .90 or newer you should not get that message. K40 Whisperer uses a feature of Inkscape to process text that is not available before Inkscape version .90.

If you don’t want to, or are unable to upgrade Inkscape you can convert the text to ‘paths’ manually in Inkscape by selecting all the text and choosing “path”-“Object to Path” in the Inkscape menus.

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i tried this, but the text has been “unioned & then bended” in inkscape, so its already an “object”

in regards to the version im on 1.3 of inkscape i can attach a file that it does it on if you wish to see?


I looked at the SVG file. Although there is no text displayed in the file there is a text object that is colored red with not text. K40 Whisperer is detecting the text object and converting it to a path.

With Inkscape 1.2 converting the empty text object did not result in an error. With Inkscape 1.3 it is resulting in the message you are seeing. I will need to look into the issue.

I manually removed the empty text object. This is the resulting file that works with Inkscape 1.3:

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thank you very much, i did notice you can copy the item, and save to a new file this seems to let it display, ( however its not 100% all the time, 50/50 )

thanks again

ive went to 1.2 version, your correct - no issues

I uploaded a new version of K40 Whisperer (V0.66) that fixes the issue you reported with certain SVG file and Inkscape 1.3.

The new version can be downloaded here: