K40 water temp

living in a colder climate (almost summer here) my water overheating is not a huge concern but recently Ned said that it should be 18C - 23C so I bought a temp gauge.

It arrived yesterday so I used the laser for about 30 minutes and the temp started off at 16.3C and got up to 16.9C.
Should I be trying to heat the water up?

No, cooler is fine as long as you don’t have a lot of condensation on the laser tube. If the humidity is low in the space were the laser is kept that will be less of an issue.


The issue with condensation on on the tube is that if there is too much then it can start dripping of the tube. This can lead to rust and more importantly there is high voltage in the compartment.


Awesome - thanks Ned

:wink: no hot water bottles needed

Edit: Also I will keep an eye out for any condensation but should be fine