K40 mks base 1.3 pwm regulation question

@cprezzi with this wiring does not work does not give me signs of life the laser does not turn on and off? How is it possible?

@Cama_Work Did you activate the laser with the “Laser Switch” on the digital panel?
Is there some other lock installed, like doorlock or water flow sensor?

the laser switch is activated but also not using the digital control panel and using the configuration with the PIN 2.5 bed nok I answer I can’t understand

This configuration should work.

Are you saying that in this configuration the laser will not fire;

  1. with the manual “test” switch on the panel?

  2. from the running job?

  3. Did you make the necessary changes to the configuration file when you changed to this configuration?

stop everyone seems to be able to fix it by reloading the latest firmware.bin uploaded by @cprezzi

Only last question but is it normal that through this configuration the PSU emits very high acoustic hisses?

Does this mean it is now working???

for the msk sbase 1.3 board i have this running on a frame made co2 and a k40 cased one if u want how to wire and are still stuck if you google my name it will come up with my youtube name the same on here as there. i have made a vidoe of how i did mine and been useing for over a year

@ady_penney Cool that you solved it for yourself. but this is not the way we recommend, because it’s more complicated than needed and you loose the test button.

Our recommended way is described in detail above (including schematics and explanation).

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No u dont i am useing mine with both bottons test fire and on off botton