Just wanted to share this here as well.

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Just wanted to share this here as well.

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Here are some update Pics on the C-Beam CNC monster I am working on with @Brandon_Satterfield ​ . This thing is tuff, like really really tuff. I cannot wiggle the gantry anywhere with both hands. Brandon did a great job in designing this machine, it is so overbuilt… just the way I like it.

I am a CNC newb. But you will see in one of the pictures I have a nice canvas to try and learn on (that aluminum is 2ft x 2ft for scale reference of the machine size). Once I get my feet wet I will be cutting some updated plates based conversations Brandon and I have had, and some modeling I have done.

Just some notes:

Construction: 1000mm C-Beam all around (250mm on Z)

Wheels: a metric whack-ton of them ( learn more once brandon releases it)

Controls: TinyG and an intel NUC Core-i3, I will be running Chilipeppr (see the dark theme chilipeppr on the integrated monitor, I think @jlauer ​ should look into adding a dark theme… cause I think it’s sexy. Inverted colors via High Contrast Chrome Extension)

Spindle: 1.5WK - 80mmx188mm with Huanyan 220V VFD (using a manual remote pot now for speed control). But would like to see spindle control added to chilipeppr, then I will get a 3.3V PWM_to_0-10 module to control the VFD in software. Also it is water cooled with a pond pump in a bucket of 40% glycol/ 60% water with anti-algie additive from the fish store.

I think that is it for now, More on this later once I learn how to stop crashing into things :wink:

(Alex Lee) #2

Since everyone else seems to be speechless after seeing this, I’ll just come out and say it:


(Carlton Dodd) #3

I… I… I’ll be in my bunk.

(Dat Chu) #4

Mother of god…

(Eric Lien) #5

You guys are too kind. I just can’t wait to see what I can break using this beast.

I have been printing for a while now, but machining is all new to me. Makes me wish I had done engineering verses physics. Engineering boys got all the cool toys, I just got Fourier Series from a teacher with a thick Indian accent.

(Brandon Satterfield) #6

First time ever I have seen @Carlton_Dodd stutter that saying and have been following him for a long time! :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman can make any old thing look amazing!!!

(Isaac Arciaga) #7

That’s a super clean build @Eclsnowman . Awesome job with all wiring above and below the machine!

(Isaac Arciaga) #8

@Brandon_Satterfield have you named the machine yet?

(Brandon Satterfield) #9

I stink at that!!!
The files are labelled OXc rev… Ask my wife, Im missing that creative bone!
Labelled OX-c to contribute to the the inspiration and beam used.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #10

I’m not nearly that productive when a k400 keyboard is involved…

(Dat Chu) #11


(Isaac Arciaga) #12

@Brandon_Satterfield as long as it’s not “C-OX”.

(Ernesto Martinez) #13

Machine porn at its best…

(Eric Lien) #14

@Isaac_Arciaga did you see the little speaker hot glued to the underside of the control box. My CNC got tunes :wink:

Hot glue will be replaced with a proper mount later. I only had a had right angle 3.5mm jack 8" long. That’s as far as it could reach :wink:

(Jérémie Tarot) #15

THIS is the machine I want to build !!! Gorgeous

(Jace Richardson) #16

Very nice! Can’t wait to see it in action.

How about calling it the Rhino?

(Joe Spanier) #17

What’s the cuttable area on this one

(Eric Lien) #18

Now, or after the mods my new cut plate is for?

(Joe Spanier) #19

lets say both

(Eric Lien) #20

@Joe_Spanier About 770mm X / 820mm Y on the the mod. I would have to measure on this version. it would be 770X, But on Y I am not sure.