Just uploaded my latest FPV quad frame build with my shapeoko 2! please check

(Nick Charlton) #1

Just uploaded my latest FPV quad frame build with my shapeoko 2! please check it out and let me know what you think!

plans and other good stuff on my blog: https://skyhighrc.wordpress.com/


Have you tried going with carbon fiber instead of wood?

(Munsell Randall) #3

This is awesome and one of the things I wanted to make with my cnc, problem is I never got around to designing it. Thank you for your effort!

(Nick Charlton) #4

Yes have tried with carbon fiber but didnt film it as I had to have a vacuum on for the whole thing because of the dust!

No problem, The original plans are from UntestedPrototype (http://untestedprototype.com/) and i modified it slightly.

I shall be CNC ing some more of his plans that I will modify and doing my own copter designs as well.

As well as some other projects :slight_smile:

(James Chu) #5

@Nick_Charlton Good job! Can you show the carbon when it finished. I am interested for that, what milling speed or feeding rate is needed?

(Nick Charlton) #6

Probably not going to be doing much carbon fibre milling at the moment: a. Its very expensive haha! And b. I need to figure out a dust filter/extraction thingy for my machine as carbon fiber dust is pretty nasty… I think! In terms of machining carbon, it cuts really nicely and you can take deep passes (up to 1.5 mm depending on your cutter and spindle? Bit i will probably stick to 1mm depth and maybe start at 600mm/min and experiment from there

(SonicStrikeFPV) #7

looks awesome I am about to get a shapeoko 3 in the mail and cant weight to start cutting carbon mini quads with it