Just testing the Cohesion3d Smoothie laser PWM. Works good enough for now. 100mm/sec.

Just testing the Cohesion3d Smoothie laser PWM. Works good enough for now. 100mm/sec.

Thanks Ray.

Good job, can you please post the settings used to get this?

Woohoo. I can see a difference at least every other square. Not sure how much the difference between 5 - 10% or 90-100% should be visible anyways.

There is a noticeable difference between 5 & 10%. 95-100% looks very similar, but looks like it’s pretty much tuned in perfectly.

I was trying to be conservative in my evaluation :slight_smile:

@Jim_Fong , could you post your settings please?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty These are the smoothieboard settings I used. The rest of the config.txt is stock from Ray that was on the memory card sent with the board. I adjusted the pot at 10ma.

@Jim_Fong certainly one of the best response prints I have seen.
Can you point to or post the source image, pls?

@cprezzi this seems to work as I would have expected, in that power is moderate and capable of going to 0 with reasonable steps?

@donkjr something I found by doing a google search.


@Jim_Fong Not sure if it’s my end bugging out, but I can’t get that link to load anything.

@Jim_Fong link goes to blank page…

@donkjr I found it off the original page


@donkjr @Jim_Fong Haha, that turns out it was one I created a while back. Here’s the original link if anyone wants it.

Calibration Gauge (360 DPI):


It’s not a great image but one of the last ones taken of Scout about 15years ago. I’m happy. 150mm/sec.

@Jim_Fong nice job, I had just downloaded mine to test it and set it up over the weekend… @Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y I got my link from GitHub. Attached.


@Jim_Fong Looks pretty good. Might be worth testing on different types of wood too, as some woods respond better than ply for engraving. I find when I engrave on ply that a lot of the dark areas don’t actually end up dark but just deeper.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y for sure, I have a woodshop so plenty of material to test. This was just the nearest piece of scrap 3mm ply. I originally bought the k40 to do images such as this but it was never as good with the stock controller. Lots more experimenting…wanted to burn my brand/date on pieces of wood which I then can glue on the finished piece.

@Jim_Fong ​, is that laser web? Or what software did you use.

@Cesar_Tolentino laserweb4