Just recieved a nice PEI coated 8mm plate;)

Just recieved a nice PEI coated 8mm plate;)

Looks nice!
Where from? Not too bloody hell expensive?

We need details man!! I am actually about to purchase a plate and want pei but haven’t found any affordable options.

Bloody hell expensive isn’t the term but 120€ is something.
I contacted Frank from clever3d in Germany, sent him the drawing and now it’s listed on his shop: https://estore-sslserver.eu/clever3d.de/epages/7a4290fc-7c7f-46cc-9b99-eadef22228e2.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/7a4290fc-7c7f-46cc-9b99-eadef22228e2/Products/c3d-DDP-PEI
I’ll give you a feedback soon

Looks like it’s $162.00 shipped to the US. Looks very nice, though I think I’d rather just continue using PEI on glass.

I have the same aluminum plate, but in black. Can someone tell me what silicone heating plate is suitable for this? 230 volts.
My powersupply is Mean Well SP-200-24 and I have Azteeg X5 mini 32bit All-in-one controller V3 and http://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=Z2253-ND

I bought this one. Make sure to select 220V with tape.