Just posted my recent Nylon 618 printing and methods to make up Tie-Dye coloured

Just posted my recent Nylon 618 printing and methods to make up Tie-Dye coloured Nylon Filaments in various mixes. Let me know what you think.

Does anyone here have experience with printing nylon ? What temp is needed ? Are the fumes toxic ?

@Shachar_Weis - read my post on Nylon and knowledge will come to you - try 235 Degrees C and for me it’s nicer to print with Nylon than ABS.

@Richard_Horne is the author of the blog and covers all that in it.

On an unrelated note, I really want some nylon now…

Very nice results, @Richard_Horne … There may be some concerns about the fumes released when melting nylon, though. According to the MSDS http://skipper.physics.sunysb.edu/HBD/MSDS/NylonMSDS.pdf there may be some toxic substances (including Hydrogen Cyanide) released when nylon melts. Keeping the printer area ventilated may be a good idea (for other materials as well, for that matter)…

Somebody, I think it might have actually been RichRap did a lot of testing with that and found that those concerns are baseless. The amount released is minuscule so unless you’re like printing in a closet or printing on your upper lip it won’t affect you.

Not surprising really, idiots throw nylon stuff in fires all the time, I don’t think nylon would be used so widely if burning just a little bit of it would kill you or give you cancer.

@B_K11 - this article from Taulman might be worth a read: http://www.instructables.com/id/Is-3D-Printing-Safe-or-DIY-Testing-for-HCN-from-/

@Nick_Parker & @Gary_Hodgson Thanks for the info & the links! I was thinking how easy it would be to use a 3mm weedcutter line (nylon) in a printer - I may try it now, once I get my printer built :slight_smile:

@Shachar_Weis i’m pretty confident @Richard_Horne might have some experience :wink:

Rich, dying the filament is a pretty nifty idea - i’ll be sure to try it out once i get my hands on some nylon.
I do think i can see some z-wobble on some of the parts. Were they all printed on the Rostock?

Nicely done!!!

@Thomas_Sanladerer most of them were printed on Tantillus, and it’s actually wearing out! - I can see the rods grinding down and things starting to look not so good now - I need to change over to Nylon bushings ASAP. The Rostock ones are wobble-free as far as I can tell with all those coloured stripes :slight_smile:

ABS printing makes me feel ill, doesn’t matter what type or manufacturer, I didn’t have any of those issues with Nylon, I have printed about 1.2Kg of it now.

How much does the Nylon filament cost ?

“Ignore that MSDS saying it’s nasty toxic - the vendor says they tested it and it seemed pretty safe.”


The MSDS doesn’t say it’s nasty toxic. It says it may cause irritation of mucous membranes in the throat and nose. So it’ll make your nose runny and your throat itchy.

You have to realize how pitifully little we’re melting here. The largest print I ever made in PLA was about 200 grams. Even in a small unventilated room, melting 200 grams of nylon over 4 hours will not cause any trouble.

Awesome post Richard, its very and inspiring.

Great post @Richard_Horne , thanks for sharing. I would really love a review on the E3D hotend once you get it running.

Fantastic Rich! Thats two this week, awesome! I’d be interested in 618 for reprap parts… maybe not rigid enough but would handle the heat nicely.