Just made a video about using PaletteKnife with Mark Kriegsman 's designer_palettes code.

Just made a video about using PaletteKnife with @Mark_Kriegsman 's designer_palettes code. The PaletteKnife tool makes me unreasonably happy. Enjoy!

Fantastic!! Great video and thank you for sharing it!

Mind if we link to it?

Please do. :slight_smile:

Great video! I use PaletteKnife in my projects where i need many palettes. It’s a very helpful tool and it is very easy to use. Thanks Mark!

oh thats a helpful vid!

Great video and I’ve tried to use it however there is one problem and I can’t figure it out. While in Google Chrome, after I select the palette i’d like to use, I click on PaletteKnife in the Chrome bar and what is saved is a Javascript and not the necessary code. Happens everytime. Any ideas what is going on? Like I said I am using Google Chrome.

@Freddie_Olivas I’ll see if I can reproduce that problem later today.

I found a work around. If I use my APple Mac I can print out the codes that would otherwise be saved into Mt Arduino IDE. As it stands Windows isn’t allowing a true version of Chrome to operate. I thought this when I viewed Erins video and observed that the Chrome icon was present in her save pop up box. Using my Windows machine I never saw the Chrome icon. TiTs what is happening.

The Palette Knife is simply awesome, and a great companion to the mind-blowing FastLED framework. So many palettes to choose from, thanks very much!

Very interesting and useful … thanks for sharing!

Brilliant! Finally explanation how use it! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: