Just in case you didn't see this yesterday.

(Tom Georgoulias) #1

Just in case you didn’t see this yesterday.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #2

Anonymous tip which they didn’t a confirmation or denial. Rush to publish much?

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #3

Bre Pettis and Stratasys deserve raw sewage dumped on them regardless of if this is true or false.

(Tom Georgoulias) #4

Its not a rumor, its true. I posted the 3dprint version but it has since been covered by other news sites.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #5

Well, did any of the other sites manage to get a confirmation?

(Jeff DeMaagd) #6

OK, it does appear Makezine got confirmation from Stratasys.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #7

Hopefully it means he will actually invent instead of steal.

(Rifle Creek) #8

Statasys said “Bre, I am your Father”

(Whosawhatsis) #9

Anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that this “promotion” is really to get him out of the CEO role so they can replace him with someone who isn’t a founding member of the “cult of done” (http://www.brepettis.com/blog/2009/3/3/the-cult-of-done-manifesto.html) and actually thinks that it’s not the best idea to ship a product that isn’t finished and doesn’t work?

(Rien Stouten) #10

@Whosa_whatsis Ha! You think?

(Jeff DeMaagd) #11

There’s interesting ideas there, but making it a life mantra or a business model seems irresponsible and a disservice to customers.

(Nick Parker) #12

Holy shit, @Whosa_whatsis . Is that satire?

(Rien Stouten) #13

That’s right, it’s about a satyr.

(Whosawhatsis) #14

@Nick_Parker Nope, it’s an actual post from Bre’s personal blog back in 2009.