Just had a power blip a few minutes ago.

Just had a power blip a few minutes ago. Strangely the computer next to the machine and the machine continues to work fine when I check on it. Probably miss a step or so. :confused:

Webrtc server is hosed. Reconnection complains about id is already taken. We need a way to force override this.

SPJS updates my desktop with the location when my desktop reconnects. Fantastic.

My question is: should I add an UPS to my machine?

Love hearing that. I bet you did not miss a step either. I do a ups on my computer running spjs as well as my router and cable modem.

Why do you think there was no step miss? Is there enough current in the motors to keep it going for half a second without electricity? I think I need two ups then. One for my machine and one for my wifi router .

Oh. In that case there was a missed step. I was referring to chilipeppr.

UPS do a great noise isolation as well.

Eh? How so @Riley_Porter_ril3y ? Oh do you mean electrical noise?

There are some pretty good sized capacitors on the board, and most DC power supplies will source a second (+/-) into a moderate load before collapsing. It may have ridden through on these effects