Just been looking at FunkyClouds and noticed that the XY function seems to be

(Aaron Liddiment) #1

Just been looking at FunkyClouds and noticed that the XY function seems to be based on a matrix that starts bottom left but zigzags vertically. Both of my matrix start bottom left but zigzag horizontally.
So it got me thinking as to if I should add an origin & direction option to my cLEDMatrix class.
How do you wire up your strips?
How are the pre-made matrix wired usually?

(Robert Atkins) #2

Depends a lot on the project. One current piece has a bottom left origin with horizontal strips, one bottom left vertical.

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #3

Depends on the manufacturer, some will go horizontal, others vertical. Starting corner is anyone’s guess. Same with the 5050 RGB LEDs that I bought. One reel had the key on the anode side and the other on the cathode. What you can do is communicate with the vendor and ask what they have and whether they can build some to spec for you. I’ve done it and they were happy to, even though it was a small run of only 10 pieces.

(Stefan Petrick) #4

Yes, my XY(0,0) is the upper left edge and from there it zigzags vertically. So with these mapping Y direction is downwards, X to the right.
An origin & direction option would improve flexibility a lot. I did not think about it anymore because I got so used to it, to rewrite the XY function again and again…
And yes - it depends where you need your connectors, if X and Y become Y and X or not.

(Aaron Liddiment) #5

Thanks, I have just updated my cLEDMatrix class to work with vertically & horizontally wired matrix.
The cTextScroller class with its flexible character orientation can cope with alternative origins at the moment.
If I work out how to get conditional compiling of libraries depending on function parameters sorted out I will add flexible origins as well. At the moment I think it will make the mXY code even slower and more bloated :slight_smile:
I think is the answer but this is not my strong point.

(Stefan Petrick) #6

Hi, just playing with the scoller the first time. I wonder if I can rotate/mirror the output. I get it in the right direction, but upside down. And is there a way to scale down the letters? Something like 3x5 numbers would be nice for some status information output.

(Aaron Liddiment) #7

As long as you are using either the Master or V2 branch from github you can negate the height of the matrix to invert the Y axis eg

I am presuming your 0Y is at the top?
For the font I haven’t designed any more but if you have a look at the Robotron.h file you will see how easy it is to design your own.

(Stefan Petrick) #8

Thanks for the advise!