just a test with my quick set up looks a little convincing haha

(Brett Hansen) #1

just a test with my quick set up looks a little convincing haha

(Mat Bettinson) #2

Wow that looks lovely. I’d love to try something like that on my funky plank.

(Mark Kriegsman) #3

@Nevada_Smith , I think the code is “Fire2012”. Source code for it (and another video) can be found here https://plus.google.com/112916219338292742137/posts/CC6yursCCrN

(Brett Hansen) #4

No self promoting haha just kidding the only reason i was able to do this was because of @Mark_Kriegsman he is a great programer and very helpful thanks again Mark

(Brett Hansen) #5

it will look better in my next video im going to try to make the back of an entertainment center look like that

(Brett Hansen) #6


sorry i cant give an actual vender but if someone can help me out i think the best seller most guys use here is called ray sun i think?

(Mark Kriegsman) #7

Adafruit carries them, too, if you want a small quantity on short notice. (Site is under maintenance, probably back later)

(Mark Kriegsman) #8
(Robert Atkins) #9

Ray Wu (on Alibaba) is your man.

(Mat Bettinson) #10

Hmm, so how long for a nice corner fire light? 1m of 144 LEDs? That’s only $35 or so, I can feel a call to a nice man in China coming on.

(Brett Hansen) #11

i think i used about a meter

(John Tesmer) #12

Thanks for sharing the code, this is a great effect.

(Mark Kriegsman) #13

You’re welcome! If you get it up and running in one of your projects, please share pictures or video!