John Lauer Just FYI - the SJPS widget no longer connects to the serial

Just FYI - the SJPS widget no longer connects to the serial port in Edge on Windows 10. Using version 1.88.

it still works ok on Chrome.

the last time I checked was yesterday when it worked fine.

I have never tested SPJS with Edge because they never allowed local websockets.


I see that you changed the widget in the last 24 hours. So Occam’s razor points at those changes being the culprit.

I will do a diff in the morning to try to see what broke.

Edge has supported websockets since August at least. It is definitely a superior experience to Chrome on a surface device.

Incidentally cloud9 on touch devices is awful whatever the browser.

I did do a push that simply added a vid/pid for arduino mega. Nothing more. That wouldn’t really effect anything. Did they change anything? SPJS has been working great for me, although I only use Chrome.

No idea. I don’t think my installation updated over night. But it may have done.
I will check tomorrow with some other windows boxes.
The console should help. I’ve definitely been getting some errors thrown in the console today. Sometimes load errors (jqueryui a particular culprit) and sometimes others. I will log them next time.

ChiliPeppr has a cache if you want to load dependencies through it so they don’t get errors. url) is the caching url you can use. There’s a non-caching version called url) which is more just to deal with jsonp/ajax so you get no cross-domain problems.

If you use the cache, you have to bust cache with ?forcerefresh=true passed in on url to reload cache. That can help, otherwise when I see dependencies fail to load from 3rd party sites I just reload again.